Back to School: What To Bring To College (And What Not To Bring)


  • decent comforter, sheets, pillows
  • Vacuum and/or broom and mop (depending on if your floors are carpet, hardwood, or tile)
  • Notebooks, pens, folders, office supplies galore
  • Whiteboard (especially if you are in any science/math classes, this is so helpful for studying. If not, hang it up on your door/in your common space, and use it as a communication tool with your roommates)
  • SOME decorations. I’m not saying your room should look like a perfectly cluttered IKEA apartment, but bring some things to liven up your room and make it not as depressing as it usually is. Keep in mind, you probably won’t be allowed to put nails in the wall, so command hooks and thumbtacks are your best friends.
  • A lamp. I know this seems dumb, but if you share a room and don’t wanna wake someone up, or even just live by yourself and you don’t want to have a million lights on but still need to see, a good floor or desk lamp will save your skin
  • Some sort of organizer for your bathroom stuff. Shared bathrooms often mean you can’t just throw all your stuff in the shower, so have a lil plastic bin. If you have communal bathrooms, get a mesh shower caddy and some flip flops.
  • Plants! They make your room seem happier, so just a couple little plants on your windowsill or desk will make it seem a little more like home. Don’t forget to water them!


  • Your bike if you never bike. It’ll just get rusty chains and be sad.
  • All your books that you own – you don’t have that much space
  • Anything your dorms don’t allow you to bring – I’ve been an RA, and it’s SO stupid when we have to write you up for having a toaster oven.
  • Your entire wardrobe – either you will only wear a quarter of it, or youll procrastinate on laundry WAYYYY too long because you still have more clothes. Either way, leave some clothes at home.
  • large pieces of furniture (unless you’ve double- and triple-checked your dorm and apartment dimensions and whether or not your apartment complex provides furniture)
  • clothes for seasons you won’t experience… if you live in a completely different state and won’t go home except for winter break (if that), then that’s a different story, but if you live close to home and live in places that are very warm for most of the year or very cold, then pack your clothes for what you’re most likely to experience
  • an ironing board – once again, this a space issue. I ended up buying a mini ironing board to save a lot of space, and it’s better than nothing, though i have ironed on my desk, bed, and counters.
  • anything your roommate is already bringing. get in contact with your roommate – you don’t need two coffee makers, for instance.
  • anything your college provides – like a printer.

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