13 Healthy Habits to Change your Life

In this post, I’m going to list 13 (my lucky number) healthy habits you can incorporate into YOUR life to make it better.

#1. Have a general bedtime (the earlier the better).

  • Make sure you get your 8 hours in, if possible. We all know that there are slip ups, but do your best to make sure you are well rested – sleep deprivation is NO JOKE y’all, I even wrote a whole post about the Importance of Sleep.

#2. Take care of something.

  • Having a pet is a great joy in life, and it helps make you feel more worthwhile, as you feel like you are responsible for something and are important to at least that pet. If you can’t have a pet due to money, time restrictions, allergies, or any other reason, get some plants! Get some relatively easy to take care of plants and become a plant mom or dad or non-binary pal.

#3. Have a night routine that’s AT LEAST 3 steps (but don’t over-complicate either).

  • Having a set routine to go through each night before bed will help you fall asleep easier, as you are signaling to your body that yes, this is bedtime.

#4. Listen to podcasts.

  • On your commute, while getting ready, in between appointments/classes, wherever you can fit it in – they’re free and super informative! (I recommend The Writer Files, The College Info Geek Podcast, and Young & Ambitious Podcast)

#5. Write a personal to do list or brain dump each night.

  • Gives you direction for the next day and feels good to know what you’re doing when you wake up. Also a good place to capture any last minute to dos that you had forgotten.

#6. Have a “clock out” time from work.

  • Even if it’s variable, try and have a time about 2-3 hours before you go to bed where you clock out from all work – your side hustle, your job, and anything related to it. This gives you a window of time just for you to wind down, spend time with family, and not constantly stress yourself.

#7. Go outside each day.

  • The sun is good for you, I promise.

#8. Try to eat meals at a table with no screens.

#9. Wake up around the same time every day.

  • If you can, you should try and keep a consistent wake up time, that way your body is used to it and you feel more refreshed and alert when you do wake up.

#10. Try to see sunlight before phone light – don’t stare at a screen every morning!

#11. Don’t use your phone 30-60 mins before bedtime.

#12. But if you do, use night shift on your screens.

  • Night shift makes it so that if you do use your phone/tablet/laptop close to bedtime, eye strain is lessened and you have an easier time going to sleep. If your computer doesn’t have it built in, then I recommend using F.lux.

#13. Keep your workout things ACCESSIBLE.

  • It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t mention something to do with working out, so here’s the last tip – make it accessible. This goes with any habit you want to start – make the thing easy to get started, because usually all that’s stopping us is not the workout or hard thing itself, but the difficulty of getting started. Keep your yoga mat by your bed, lay out your gym clothes/prep your gym bag the night before, do whatever helps you get started easily.

That’s all folks *cue carrot crunch*. No but really, that’s all I have for you today, so let me know either in the blog comments or on IG what healthy habits you have in your life, or things you want to try!

Krys Kestrel (@kryskestrel on ig)

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