Skincare 101: An Interview with an Esthetician

            Hey everyone! Skin health is very important to me, so I decided that I would bring on my esthetician to do an interview in order to give you some licensed advice on skincare! Makenna is a super sweet girl, and has helped me learn so much more about my skin – so without further ado, here’s the interview!

What steps does EVERYONE need to have in their skincare routine?

            “The basic things someone would use as just beginning a skincare routine, or someone wanting to just keep it simple, would be a cleanser, toner, [and a] moisturizer/SPF. It’s important to cleanse the skin every day to remove all the dirt and oils our skin gets on it, and to remove any dead skin cells that have shed throughout the day and night. There’s so many options out there on cleansers! All of which can address whichever concern you need to focus on for your skin type/condition! For example, someone with oily, acne prone skin would wanna use something that has a salicylic acid to help any dirt and excess sebum production to keep the pores from getting clogged.”

What order should I apply my products in?

            “You would start out with cleansing your skin morning and night, using a cleanser and making sure you’re cleansing the skin for at least a full 60 seconds. Many people rush their face wash, making it not effective, so doing it a full 60 seconds allows the product to actually work efficiently! You’d rinse off the cleanser, then pat the face dry with a clean towel, making sure you’re not rubbing off the water or being harsh to your skin, which will irritate it.

After that, you would apply a toner. We use toner because when you cleanse the skin, it cleans off some of those essential oils that our skin needs, so toner will return your skin back to its natural pH balance keeping the skin healthy. You can use a spray toner, or apply a few drops to cotton rounds and wipe gently across the whole face and neck. After that, you can apply a moisturizer! There are tons of options out there, made to benefit whatever need your skin needs.

Everyone should be moisturizing! No matter what, even if you have oily skin, your skin needs the moisture. Topical application is the only way our skin gets hydrated, not by drinking plenty! If it’s daytime, you would wanna apply an SPF after you moisturize. Definitely the most important part in a routine! The sun is responsible for 90% of skin aging. Most of all, it’s important you’re protected from any UVA/UVB rays. You wanna make sure you’re wearing at least a 30 SPF, because anything lower [than that] isn’t very effective. Make sure you do that everyday even if you’re just driving to work, because even that little time spent driving damages the skin. Then you’re set for the rest of the day!

At night you would do the same thing, except no SPF. If you wanted to advance your routine a bit, you have the option of using a serum. Whether it be a corrective one or not, it’s a great option for treating the skin. There’s many options out there all targeted for different skin concerns, such as anti-aging. You would apply [the serum] after toning and before moisturizing.”

Is double cleansing overcleansing?

            “Double cleansing is great, but not everyone needs to do it. You really just have to see what your skin specifically needs. If you wear heavy makeup throughout the day, then double cleansing is a great option to ensure all of the makeup and dirt is gone. It can be too much for some people, so you have to just test it out and base it on your skin needs.”

What are some Rockstar ingredients to look for (and what do they do)?

            “There’s lots of Rockstar ingredients out there to look for! I’ll explain some of the common ones and what their use is:

  • AHAs and BHAs are forms of chemical exfoliation. AHAs are exfoliants like glycolic and lactic acid which are water-soluble and come from fruits and sugars. BHAs are exfoliants that are oil-soluble like salicylic acid which help to clean out clogged pores. AHAs work more for aging, dry skin, while BHAs work more for acne prone skin.
  • Then you have serums/topical treatments that will contain things like L-ascorbic acid which is the highest form of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful ingredient that is the only antioxidant proven to help with sun damage, minimizing fine lines, scars, and wrinkles.
  • Hyaluronic Acid is a great way to lock in moisture and hydrate the skin to help to prevent and treat signs of aging.”

How do I know which products are good for my skin? Chemical names confuse me!

            “To really know what your skin needs I highly suggest going to someone who is a licensed skincare professional! There’s so many choices out there and it can be difficult finding what works for you, but with the help of an esthetician, it becomes a lot easier. We can help to educate you on what your skin needs and what are good options for you specifically!”

Do you have any general advice you’d like to give in terms of personal skincare?

Any lasting thoughts?

            “I just wanna say thank you to my amazing client @kryskestrel for trusting me with your skin and for being on your blog to better help others as well!! You are so very greatly appreciated!! If [you have] any questions of anything feel free to contact me on my Instagram account @yourskintherapistt or schedule an appointment with me at Massage Envy in College Station!

            XO Makenna”

            I just want to go ahead and thank Makenna for coming onto my blog to do this interview – with busy schedules and jobs and me moving, it was a tough one to get this together, but she made it awesome! If you have any more questions or just want to learn more about skincare, check out her account!

Krys Kestrel (@kryskestrel)

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