Quarterly Goal Update – April 2019

As I write this, it is April 1st, and we are officially a quarter of the way through the year! The year seems to be flying by already, and so here is an update on my personal goals, starting with my 19 for 2019. If you want to see the full list, then you can check out the original 19 for 2019 blog post here, but here are the ones I’ve completed thus far:

  • take a local class
  • buy 1 black and 1 brown belt
  • treat myself to a massage/spa day
  • clean out my closet
  • complete a no spending challenge
  • travel somewhere new

For my first quarter, I was able to complete 6/19 of my goals… 2 per month ain’t bad, especially since if I keep that pace up I’ll be finished with my list by mid-October!

I have decided during this quarter that I also want to make some smaller goals, along with having a theme for my quarter. This next quarter from April-June is going to cover the end of my school year and the beginning of a summer. I thought a lot of what kind of goals I could come up with to go on top of the rest of my 19 for 2019 list that wouldn’t feel overwhelming or impossible, so here’s my best shot at it.

Theme: Success and Organization

  1. Complete the semester with satisfactory grades (3.0+)
  2. Grow my Instagram account to 300+ followers
  3. Reach “adverbs 1” in Duolingo for German
  4. Save enough money for trip to Caribbean in July
  5. Get an external hard drive for my laptop/computer setup
  6. Set up a file system that works for me
  7. do a digital cleanup – email, apps, photos, etc.
  8. Post a blog post every week

This seems like a lot to add on, but I think I can handle it. I’m ready to kick my own butt into shape in terms of getting my life together, and I want to feel like I have a good handle on things so that when life gets stressful, I can look around and find peace in what I’ve accomplished.

I want to know more about you guys – what are your goals? How has the first quarter gone for you? What is the next quarter’s theme for you?

Krys Kestrel (@kryskestrel on ig)

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