Fitness Progress

Recently, I started coaching and I began first – before reaching out to help other people – by challenging myself to work out for 21 days straight, 30 minutes each day, following workout videos for the plan I was using.

I first want to go over my thoughts about the plan before discussing my results:

  1. These workouts, though they were only 30 minutes, were hard. I found myself, especially in the first week, modifying most of the exercises because I just couldn’t do the “full” version. In this, I was worried that I wouldn’t see results, but I found that even with the modified versions of the exercises, I was still pushing myself, and I was able to learn to do the “normal” versions after practicing the modified versions. I just had to work up to it, so if you’re in that spot, don’t be discouraged.
  2. I got sick right in the middle of this workout challenge/plan, and I felt really discouraged when that happened. I didn’t have the energy to do the workouts, and so though I listened to my body and did give myself sick days, I was feeling bad about it. If I couldn’t do all 21 days, would I still see results? The answer was yes. As soon as I was feeling good enough to workout, I begun again, taking it a bit easier as I knew my body was still healing. But still, I was working.
  3. The workout plan being at-home-workouts was super convenient in the colder days, when I woke up and had to go to class or work or volunteering and I knew I wouldn’t have wanted to go to the gym that day – I knew I still had a space to do my workouts, and I wouldn’t let the cold bother me.
  4. At the end of these 21 days, I feel accomplished. Though I didn’t do all 21 days, I still pushed myself to work hard, and I still did my best, and I still saw results.

Now, let’s go on to the results from my workout plan. The day I did my initial measurements and wrote them down, I doubted myself – would anything really change? Would I gain or lose weight? Would my measurements change at all? The day I did my “after” measurements, I was still skeptical as I did them – I didn’t see much, if any, change in the mirror, so why would any of the numbers have changed? Here’s the facts. The numbers. The proof.


Neck: 12 in./12.5 in.

Chest: 30 in./31 in.

Shoulders: 35.5 in./37.25 in.

Left Bicep: 10 in./12.5 in.

Natural Waist: 24.5 in./25 in.

Waist (at the bellybutton): 26.25 in./25.25 in.

Hips: 34.75 in./33.5 in.

Left Thigh: 17.5 in./18.5 in.

Weight: 102.4 lbs./107.0 lbs.

All in all, I can say I’m pretty happy about my results. I did gain weight, but I have been eating well, leading me to believe that the gained weight paired with the measurements of my shoulders, bicep, and thigh (along with the others, but those most notably), that this gain was muscle. I got stronger with this challenge, and not only was it a challenge physically, but also mentally. It got me to engage in the practice of daily discipline for my workouts, which leaked into other parts of my life – university, faith, mentally, etc. I not only was tracking my workouts and being held accountable via my instagram, but also was tracking the things I wanted to do every day: practice my German, read a devotional, read a non-fiction book, etc.

Through this experience, I have grown as a human in a lot of aspects. By the time y’all read this, I have already started a new workout plan (starting: Wed, 20 March), and though this one is only 8 days long, it’ll give me a chance to think of what I want to do next to grow, and how my fitness life will change.

If you are at all interested in the workout plan that I went through, or being coached by me, shoot me a message on instagram or contact me via email (! We can set up a quick chat, you can ask me questions, and I will do all I can to help you achieve your goals.

Krys Kestrel (@kryskestrel on ig)

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