Notion: My New Favorite Productivity System

I’ve always been a fan of productivity apps/systems, and I’ve tried a lot of them. I’ve tried Todoist (which I still highly recommend for anyone who wants a good to-do list app, and that’s it), Evernote, microsoft To Do, Wunderlist, bullet journaling (which I love, but isn’t the most practical every month), etc. I have tried so many different systems, editing them and trying to bend them to my will, which they inevitably fall short of at some point.

[Enter Notion]

I found through a YouTube channel called Keep Productive, in which Francesco reviewed the system, and in further videos, showed his Notion setup and how he was able to customize and use it. He showed how he was able to use it for both personal and business uses, and keep it all organized with perfect nesting systems, cross-platform usage, and a bunch of different ways to customize, I was hooked.

On top of that, there was a very powerful free version, and that’s the version I use and love. (I’m even writing this blog post draft on it!)

I wanted to show you all how I use Notion, though I am constantly revamping it to fit my lifestyle and make it easier on myself to use on a daily basis, so some of the sections I show may be a little empty, but it’ll still give you a rough idea of my system.

Above is my Homebase. Everything that is underlined means that upon clicking on it, it shows another page. So, for the top – my most important page – I put my Agenda.

Within my Agenda workspace, I was able to create even more subpages, one for each day of the week, and below that I put in my classes for the semester and assignments (some of which I clearly need to use spring break to catch up on). Each of these little tasks, I can then click and drag into one of the days of the week so that when I open up my daily list, I can see exactly what I have planned to get done.

This weekend is an example of what happens when I click on one of the days. I can open this fully as a page (where it’ll take up the whole window), or I can edit from this view, which is really all I need in these daily to do lists. I’m sure by the time this goes up, I will have printed the insurance card referenced above, but we’ll see.

Back to the Homebase, I can click on my inbox page. I picked this up from Francesco from Keep Productive and loved the use of an inbox, similar to a bullet journal brain dump, to just jot down anything I need to keep for the meantime before I can either get rid of it, put it into a todo/project, or file it in the necessary place.

Another, separate workspace I have that I can click on from my homebase workspace is post drafts. This is super useful to just jot down ideas, tag them with the topic they will fit into on my blog, and check my progress. Obviously, this will be more full as time goes on!

Above are two more lists I can access from my Homebase workspace, that show a couple of different uses for Notion pages. I can host my 19 for 2019 list, my reading list with links to each of the books on goodreads, and so much more. In my coaching workspace, I even have a calendar setup and a table similar to Trello, but due to client details/sensitive information, I can’t exactly show that here.

I would like to note some other features I didn’t show: reminders, calendars, tables, embedded PDFs/word documents, import from Evernote and Google Docs, and a ton more. I absolutely love this system and its customization (and the fact that it’s so available cross-platform and in web), so if you’re looking for a comprehensive app for all of these things, check out, and I hope you find as much use in it as I do!

Krys Kestrel (@krykestrel on ig)

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