Weekly Reset Routine

So, as I’m sure some of you know from either knowing me personally or viewing my Instagram stories – my life is a hectic mess. The only way I keep from going insane is a weekly reset, and so I’m going to share my version of the weekly reset routine to all of you!

What is a weekly reset? Basically, you choose one day out of the week each week to get your life back into order, by organizing your physical and mental spaces.

Physical Space

  1. Put the laundry to wash
  2. Run the dishwasher with any leftover dirty dishes
  3. Clear the kitchen countertops
  4. Tidy up my desk
  5. Make my bed
  6. Fold up and put away extra blankets (I have approximately 5 fuzzy blankets in my apartment out at one time, so this step is vital to me)
  7. Clean out my cat’s litterbox
  8. Refill her water tank
  9. Refill my water filter
  10. Clear out my fridge of bad food/leftovers
  11. Sweep the floors, vacuum, and mop as necessary
  12. Do a quick tidy of my living room and bathroom countertop

Mental Space

  1. Write down any outstanding to-dos that have been cluttering my mind
  2. Cross to-dos off my to-do lists if I’ve completed them (why are they still even there???)
  3. Organize my week ahead
    1. write down assignment due dates
    2. write down appointments
    3. sort out my Google Calendar and Notion workspaces
  4. Clear out my inbox
  5. Clear my desktop of any random files
  6. Clear my downloads folder/organize the downloads into the relevant folders

All of this may seem like common sense, but when life gets overwhelming, it’s SO helpful to be able to just go back to a simple list of to-dos that help me to reset my space and life. On weekly reset days, I try to not only get all the steps above done, but do extra things to take care of myself, like do a hair mask, read my Bible, cook a nice breakfast, etc. I encourage all of you to incorporate a weekly reset or review in your weeks, whether that be consistent, “every Sunday starting at 10AM I will do this”, or a sporadic, “my life is messy and I need to triage it before I go crazy” thing. I’m usually the latter, though I aspire to be the former.

This process basically just helps to give me a sense of calm and control in my life, looking at a clean apartment and a processed inbox and to-do list lets me know exactly what my next steps are without the distractions of “my dishes aren’t done” or other household chores.

Bonus tip: another way to make sure your space is tidy and doesn’t become a disaster zone like my apartment is to just set a 10-15 minute timer at the end of your day and clean up around the apartment/house. Get those 2 plates washed, take that load of laundry out of the dryer and hang up some things, etc.

That’s all for now, see you next week!

Krys Kestrel

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