Creating a Routine

One of my goals for my 19 for 2019 list was to create consistent everyday routines. Now, before I go on I’d like to preface by saying that I’m definitely not looking to have a one hour morning routine where I wake up, meditate, journal, etc. – not that those things aren’t all valuable. I wake up at a different time everyday for classes, my work schedule and volunteering schedule is forever changing, and so I wanted to be able to have just a couple steps to do each morning and each night that made me feel like I was in control of my day and to sort of establish a short wind up/wind down routine.

In order to decide the steps (minimum I’m setting for myself is three) to take in each of these routines, I decided to start with my night routine. I reflected on what exactly I want to achieve in order to prepare for the next day, and from a little bit of brainstorming, here is my minimum night routine:

  1. Brush teeth
  2. Review bullet journal
  3. Pack backpack/gym bag/purse for the following day’s activities
  4. Make sure dishes are clean

I know four steps isn’t a lot, but they focus on the most important things to me. Obviously brushing my teeth stems from focusing on oral hygiene, reviewing my bullet journal helps me clear my head before laying down to sleep of the things I need to do the next day, packing my bags for the next day relieves a bit of stress in the morning, and making sure the dishes are clean is a personal challenge of mine that I’m actually pretty awful about. I often leave dishes until they’re piled up annoyingly, and I want to be better, so making sure the dishes are clean before I sleep is a simple, everyday task to combat that buildup.

For morning routine, I chose a pretty simple task list as well, so here it is:

  1. Feed Bluebell (my cat)
  2. Brush teeth
  3. Drink water & eat something (no five-Michelin-star breakfast required)
  4. Get ready for the day
    1. Try not to look like a complete bum
  5. Listen to the news while I get ready

In this, obviously the first step is motivated by my cat annoying me until I feed her, and me not wanting to starve her. Brushing my teeth – once again, the oral hygiene thing is important to me. Drinking water and making sure I eat something – even days like today, when I’m writing this, I woke up late but I made sure to use my toaster to heat up some waffles while I was rushing to get ready so I don’t go to work/class/the hospital starving – and drinking to make sure I wake myself up and stay semi-hydrated in the day. Get ready for the day (and try not to look like a bum) – motivated by the fact that I work better when I feel better about my appearance, I try to always make myself look somewhat put together so I can set myself up for a productive day. Listen to the news – I have a Google Home speaker, and I’ve set up my speaker to tell me the weather, my events for the day, and the daily news briefing from CNN just when I tell it good morning. I can easily listen to this to be an informed citizen and also have an ‘assistant’ tell me about my day!

Now, I challenge you all to write up a minimum morning and night routine – something that is the basic steps of what you’d like to get done each day. I would encourage you to have a minimum of 3 steps, but it can be as long or short as you like. And now, take on a 30 day challenge to follow this minimum routine each day.

I’ll be doing this, and posting updates via Instagram Stories (@kryskestrel), so follow me on there.

Share your routines with me in the comments of this blog post or through DMs on Instagram!

Krys Kestrel

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