19 for 2019

In 2018, the podcast Happier by Gretchen Rubin promoted making a 18 for 2018 list of goals – big and small goals to complete by the end of 2018. Some items on my list last year were:

  • buy a black tote bag
  • read more books than i did in 2017


So here I am, posting my 19 goals for 2019!

Should you want to make a list yourself, the goals don’t have to be big, or small, because it’s whatever you want to accomplish within the year of 2019. Start with things you have been wanting to accomplish for a while, and see what still inspires you. Start a brainstorming page, and think up 19 of these things that you want to do this year. For inspiration and accountability purposes (I will be doing an update similar to Gretchen’s throughout the year), here’s my list:

  1. Get my 2nd tattoo.
  2. Read 12 books.
  3. Complete a no-spending challenge.
  4. Attain a GPA of above 3.0 in both spring and fall 2019 semesters.
  5. Go to six flags.
  6. Go to a drive in movie.
  7. Cook 13 new recipes.
  8. Clean out my closet.
  9. Treat myself to a massage/spa day.
  10. Run a 5k.
  11. Simplify my apartment.
  12. Wake up consistently.
  13. Travel somewhere new.
  14. Practice a new language.
  15. Learn the national anthem.
  16. Do morning workouts.
  17. Buy 1 black and 1 brown belt.
  18. Take a local class.
  19. Create everyday routines.

Now, my list is personalized to my life, but I hope it can give you some inspiration to make your own lists! If you do, and you’d like to share, you can submit them through the contact page here on my blog or take a picture and tag me in it on instagram (@kryskestrel)!

Hope you all achieve your goals in 2019, and we’ll check back in on mine in a few months.

Krys Kestrel

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