Practicing Gratitude

It’s so easy to get in the rhythm of “why does this happen to me?” or “why does life always kick me when I’m down?”, and believe me when I say I completely understand the feeling. This past semester at my university has been a particularly rough one, but I know that with that I wasn’t the person I wanted to be – I didn’t have the same positive spring in my step that I used to, and I didn’t thank my lucky stars for all the amazing things I did have in my life.

To combat that, I tried to make a gratitude board. I put some prayers in the top right corner, and things I was grateful for starting in the bottom left and reaching out. I put names of people that had positively influenced me, names of simple things that I just enjoyed in that day, and tried to add at least one new thing each day, just to remind myself of the good in my world.

Another practice is writing this post, where I will be writing 5 things (not on my gratitude board) that I make me know that I’m lucky to be here, lucky to have the problems I have.

1. I have an apartment all to myself at 18, where I have a fully stocked kitchen to appreciate.

2. I found an amazing black and brown reversible leather tote that I’m absolutely in love with, and has proved to be the best purchase I could have made this year in terms of things I didn’t really need but appreciate so much now.

3. I can see color – I can see the colors of the rainbow without an issue, and I can see beautiful paintings and photographs in their glory.

4. I have a brand new smartphone that I don’t need, I am blessed with certain extravagances in my life.

5. My health. I am blessed to not have any chronic health issues, and to have a body that does not fail me when I work out, that does not fail me when I do everyday tasks.

Count your blessings, and learn to love what does not seem like something you need to take the time to be grateful for.

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