Dealing With Life Changes and Bad Days

Sometimes, life decides that it’s time for change, and while you may not be ready for it, it will happen. Life will throw things your way, but we have to make the best of it.
First, I would like to talk about how to not hate your day, maybe it be the little things that help turn around a day and improve your mood when everything in the world seems to be off. The first thing I do when I feel down is reach out to a trusted friend, a confidante. I feel so much better after just letting it all out and being able to have someone listen and understand and tell me that it will all be okay in the end. If you don’t have that one person you trust, or really just don’t feel like talking to anyone right now, try writing it out. Reflect on what’s happening, and try to be as positive and optimistic as possible. Don’t let the negativity hold you back, even when it feels easier to. The second thing you should do is get some sunlight on your skin. Go for a walk, open up the curtains, get some feel-good rays on you… now I know it’s not always sunny everywhere, so if this isn’t possible, try some light exercise. Get the goodness flowing throughout your body. Don’t just sit around and eat junk food all the time – a healthy body makes it so much easier to be happier. That being said, know that it’s totally okay to cry and have that time when it all sucks and you’re stuffing your face with ice cream. Know that it’s human to feel, and so feel all you need to. Cry, laugh, but don’t stay stuck.
For more pick-me-up ideas, click here and/or here.
Secondly, I want to talk about taking change in stride and acceptance. One huge helper for me in accepting the recent huge changes (though not all positive) in my life has been meditation, speaking with my close friend, and journaling. Just deciding that the situation sucks, but also making the decision to not let it keep you down forever is very important. I’ll be honest – while I write this post, I don’t feel great. It’s 8 minutes before I’m supposed to post it, and I haven’t even decided on a title nor finished the actual post, but nevertheless I have put on some music and gotten to work. I recognize that life doesn’t feel that great right now, but that all that happens now is just making room for bigger and better things, opportunities, and people in my life. All that happens now, whether it be happy or sad, is a precursor to our greatest happiness. It isn’t easy, but just learning to accept that life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but knowing that it’s okay, is vital to moving forward. Know that although it may all feel terrible now, that it won’t feel like this forever.
Remember every time you thought that the world was going to end, and that nothing was ever going to feel better? You were wrong every single time. You are still here and stronger for going through all your previous experiences. You can get through this.
Krys Kestrel

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