Branching Out, Into Creativity

Growing through exploring your creativity can give you so much perspective on life, as well as a way to relieve your stress and express yourself. For instance, when I write, I am able to get rid of my problems and fall into another world, or if I choose to write about my problems then I get a chance to organize my thoughts and get all of it out of my head. With this summer break, I am taking the chance to improve in the fields of writing and music, and I am doing so in order to relieve myself of the stress of starting university and moving, as well as grow. Giving myself a chance to learn a new skill or cultivate an old one gives me something to do this summer holiday, as well as gives me a way to build self esteem through my own growth.
This is an exceptionally short post, but I do hope that you can find something to help you grow. To make this more than a paragraph long, I have resolved to lengthen this post by giving you a list of 10 creative hobbies you can try out to relieve stress and grow creatively.
  1. Learn to play an instrument.
  2. Join a dance class/learn to dance online.
  3. Write.
  4. Learn to paint.
  5. Try making crafts.
  6. Try calligraphy!
  7. Learn to cook/bake!
  8. Take photos!
  9. Try out SFX makeup or doing makeup artistry.
  10. Sewing, embroidery, cross-stitch, tattooing… anything with a needle!
These are just a few ideas, a few of which I am starting up myself. Some can be really inexpensive to start up, especially if you self teach and learn via the endless online resources at our fingertips. Get creative, and have fun!
Krys Kestrel

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