Turning Around a Day

So, your day thus far has been unproductive, upsetting, boring, useless, or any combination of the aforementioned words. Basically, it sucked, and you want to do better. Whether you’re having a rough day or just find yourself being super unmotivated and unproductive, here are 5 quick tips to turning around your day.
Take a walk outside or do some light exercise indoors.
     Taking a walk outside and getting some nice sunlight on your skin is a great way to take a break and try to clear your mind. If it’s bad weather outside, perhaps try doing a quick yoga routine and some stretches to get some endorphins going and feel great when you start working again (especially knowing that at least you exercised today!).
Take a shower.
     Whether or not you’ve just been exercising, taking a shower is a great way to feel clean and ready, as well as ‘wash away the bad things’. Use your time in the shower to get rejuvenated and almost use it as a meditative experience where you can refocus and get prepared to get started on being the best you right after.
Listen to a feel-good/motivating song or playlist.
     Pick some songs that make you feel strong, make you feel great, make you feel like you can conquer the world. For me, a good mix of happy and good with “I Can Go The Distance” (from Hercules) and a good mix of villainous-type music makes me feel great (like “Be Prepared” from The Lion King or “Castle” by Halsey). Find your mix/song, and play it. Sing, dance, enjoy the music, and get into just the right mood for your work ahead.
Write it out.
     Taking the time to sit down and journal about what you’re going through right now is super helpful in my experience. Taking all my thoughts of what is going on that is stopping me from having a good day, what I need to be getting done, and taking all I have done and putting it down on paper is a great way to organize the jumbled mess that is the human mind. Write down the things that have made this day not so great, and realize that they are in fact not keeping you from having a good day – you are. It’s fine to realize that these things suck and that some things are out of our control, but you have it within you to keep on going and keep trying. Write down what you want to do and pick the most important thing, implementing the “just 5 minutes” method if necessary.
“Just 5 minutes.”
     Pick a task, and set a timer. It’s easier to get to work when you commit to something small, like just working for 5, or 10, minutes. Sit down, set a timer, and go. Force yourself to get as much as you can done, then hopefully you will fall into the workflow of it all and keep going past that time (just remember not to choose a super obnoxious alarm for your timer!).
That’s all the tips I have for you today, but I hope they help you out. If you’re having a bad day, remember that you are great and strong and can get past this. You are a queen/king, and you can do this. (I like to imagine myself as somewhat of an evil queen, it is what convinces me that I can take control of the bad things in my life and I can do this.)
Krys Kestrel

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