Lessons from #GIRLBOSS

I recently went on vacation to the Dominican Republic, which meant that I did not have stable cell service, wifi, or any sort of constant connection with the outside world that I was so used to prior to the trip. The disconnect ended up being nice in some ways (I’ll write about the other ways at another time), but the main benefit I got out of it was being able to read a book in a week – that book being #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. First thing’s first – I absolutely adored the book, it was a great read, but secondly, I was able to take a lot of little lessons from it. As I am still in the process of moving, I decided this week would be a quick little blog post about my notes and lessons I took from the book.
  1. Whatever you do, be an expert. In the things you do, you should always work to be the best at it. Constantly learn more, constantly improve. Be the expert to go to and you will succeed.
  2. If you don’t build structure for yourself, you feel like you always have work to do (and not enough time to do it). Whether you are self employed or just having fun with a blog or any sort of side projects, if you have poor time management and don’t create some sort of structure in your day, you’ll never finish the work and always feel like you have more to do (because funnily enough, since you’re not getting work done you WILL always have stuff to do).
  3. No decision is too small, pay attention to all those little details. When working on a business, Sophia found she did best when she was paying attention to all the little things – how straight the label on a package was, how good the product description was, all those little things. When designing your online presence, fiddling with even the most minor of details is vital in creating the best representation of yourself and your business possible.
  4. Money is freedom, so learn to manage your money and do it now – it is one of the most important things you can learn to do. This is a lesson I am currently learning – to manage your money and make sure you have enough for your bills, daily expenses, AND having some sort of rainy day/future fund is no easy task, but it can be made simple with a slew of online and offline resources. Find a budget/system that works for you, set up automatic payments if you can, and get to having more and more money.
  5. If your time spent making money is greater than your time spent spending money, that leads to big savings! Again with the money is freedom thing, if you have big savings then you won’t find yourself needing to depend on a loan, person, or a paycheck to paycheck thing that will leave you helpless if you try to grow independent.
  6. Read “The Richest Man in Babylon”. Apparently it’s great, also to do with finances. Recommended and approved by Sophia herself.
  7. Save 10% or more of your income. Always. Treat it like a non-negotiable bill. When I started working at 16, I began saving 20-40% of my paycheck, depending on my expenses that month. What kind of expenses does a 16 year old have? Well I am glad you asked, Pablo (Pablo is my name for any imaginary person)! I was having to pay car insurance monthly, pay for gas to get me to and from work, as well as begin to buy some of my own groceries and personal effects. That against a just-above-minimum-wage paycheck wasn’t the easiest thing.
  8. Spending money should be an investment, not just something fun. Spend money on things that aren’t just a one-time use, focus on your expenses to be investments in yourself. If you are an artist, perhaps it’s time to invest in a new drawing tablet or some new paints. If you are a photographer, maybe that new lens. If you are a student, perhaps that college education. Who knows. (Not that you cannot be successful sans college education, as exemplified by Sophia).
  9. Use the Law of Attraction to your advantage! Not only is it theorized to actually bring good things in your life if you focus on good things, but it will give you a more positive attitude that will change your life.
  10. “Fortune favors the bold who get shit done.” Don’t just follow the rules. Bend a few, grow, and create something awesome.
  11. Don’t spend time thinking about things you don’t want to have a place in your life.
  12. Your creations are always a work in progress.
  13. Don’t be too attached to results. You are not your successes or failures.
  14. “I never dreamed about success, I worked for it.” – Estee Lauder This quote just gave me inspiration. It’s another little sign that you can look at and realize, ‘Right then, let’s get to work.’
  15. “Treat your money like your mind. Don’t waste it.”
Krys Kestrel

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