Midyear Refocus

So, it is midway through the year, and so we are six months down, six to go. I have to admit, I haven’t done as much as I’d like to have done in this year yet, though I feel I have done so much. In the past six months, I have graduated high school, quit my job, launched a web site, gone on vacation to Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, and struggled to start a journey of self-love and growth. Now, I am into the year and there are no more excuses – time to get cracking. So with this, I present to you a midyear activity to help you get started with the rest of the year.
Step One: Write a list of the most important things to get done by the end of the year.
         A good place to start is everywhere.
Step Two: Pick out three or four super important things that you want to focus on.
         Pick your skills you wish to cultivate, your passions, whatever you truly want to improve and see great progress in during the oncoming months.
Step Three: Cross off everything else.
         This is where you see that this is a little more geared towards side projects and hobbies, rather than things that you are given a deadline and no choice for.
Step Four: Begin a plan for each of those main topics, with prospective timelines for each one.
         As I mentioned in my night productivity video (linky link), setting deadlines for yourself is extremely valuable and important to getting things done. Do yourself a favor and plan ahead.
Step Five: Pick one thing, and get started!
         Make a call, book an appointment, buy some tools, whatever can help you get started on one of your main goals, do it now! First off, you’ll get some progress in. Secondly, you’ll feel great knowing you have already been productive. Third, you won’t have to do it later!
My favorite part of wanting to be productive is that it often strikes when I am unable to sit at my desk, use my laptop, or do any sort of semblance of a productive activity, yet when I sit down at my desk a couple hours later or finally have access to my computer, I find glued to YouTube, The Sims, and Netflix. So, in addition to the mini-productivity activity above, to refocus and recenter, I figured I should include a few things I have learned in my times staring at a blank page or reading and rereading the same things in an attempt to focus and get started.
1.    Sometimes it isn’t the right time. Being productive is great, but when it’s 2 a.m. and you really should be sleeping, sometimes trying to get work done isn’t the best thing. Save it for tomorrow.
2.    If it IS the right time, but you just can’t bring yourself to start, pick a task and set a timer. Give yourself 30 minutes to write a blog post, 15 minutes to just get up and fold the laundry you’ve been avoiding, 10 minutes to just relax. Setting a timer and committing yourself to the one task at hand will help to focus you and help to actually make progress. Remember, ONE task per section of time. If you finish early, that’s great! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT get distracted by doing other mini-tasks during this time.
3.    If it’s a day off, but you’re still trying to be productive, get out of your pajamas. Put on some real-people clothes (doesn’t have to be too fancy), like a pair of jeans and a t shirt or yoga pants and a tank top, and fix your hair. Just looking like you are ready to go out and take on the world always helps me to get out of my lazy moods.
4.    Listen to a podcast or watch a YouTube video or Ted Talk that motivates you. Listening to Sophia Amoruso’s #Girlboss Radio or the College Info Geek Podcast is always super motivating for me, so find your thing and get to work!
Now that I’ve given you a few pieces of knowledge and a little game plan, I realize you may need a sign. Here it is. Go, and get started now.
         || “A year from now you will wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb
Krys Kestrel
image from weheartit

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