This year, one of my resolutions was to find outlets for my creativity and do more to be creative in my everyday life. I started out with starting a youtube channel, but found I wanted to do more to build this side of my life, as well as build my community – so I found and turned to blogging! 

In this, I have also been able to refine my taste in what exactly I want to write and film about, and so here goes:

Hi there, I’m Krys, and welcome to my blog about lifestyle, health, productivity, and beauty! 

  • Lifestyle | This encapsulates a large range of topics, from home decor to travel, tips and tricks, and really is a catchall term that means I can justify posting nearly anything on here (especially if I find something interesting that doesn’t necessarily fit in the other scopes of interest on my blog).
  • Health | Whether it be mental, physical, or emotional, I struggle to be healthy. I have been working to improve this fact, and I believe researching and writing about it will both hold me accountable to continuous growth and teach me new things that I can share with others!
  • Productivity | As a student, and a lifelong learner with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, I like learning and implementing different productivity strategies, and found it very helpful to see others’ – so now I’ll share with you!
  • Beauty | When I was younger and first discovered YouTube, I fell in love with the beauty community and wanted to be a beauty vlogger when I was in high school. Sadly, that never happened, but I still have a love of beauty (even if it’s not my main focus) and want to share it with all of you.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey, and I hope you stick around for more posts!

Krys Kestrel

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